Name: Kevin Doe
Age: 30
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Dark Brown (Short)

Well i'm 30 years of age as mentioned above... I was born in Philidelphia, PA where i lived an ordinary life growing up with two sisters, Kathy and Kelley.. And suprisingly enough.. I remember alot of the things about where i lived... Like the rock behind our house in the woods.. And going to C&C's Ice Cream and getting a "Black and White"... And also My sister Kelley coming home from her first job at the bakery bringing home sugar cookies.... Our above-ground pool, My little kid obsession of the mighty morphin power rangers.. And my power rangers tent, the toys, my room with the blue carpet and the street light in my room.. I also remember my best friend back then... Daniel.. I remember playing Street Fighter 2 on Sega with him everyday... And when we werent doing that... It was my dad and his dad playing Blades of Steel on the Sega.. And me and daniel were playing with toys... Yeah.. those were good days... But anyway.. enough about my past.. Right now i live in Nitro, WV... I moved to WV at age 7 or 8.. i dont remember that exactly.. I have a cat and her name is Nala. I have finished High School as of 2007. I majored in the field of Graphic Design. I've been interested in it since i was maybe about fourteen. I believe it was when i saw my sister doing it on her computer is when i truly wanted to get in the field of Graphic Design.. And now, here i am. I already have my certification from the Votech, My High School Diploma, and i'm now just doing it as a hobby. ^_^